Version History

Antares Prereleases

Antares remains under development. Prerelease versions are available here, bugs and all:

Antares 0.9.x

Antares 0.9 introduced a new plugin format. Releases in the 0.9 cycle include:

Antares 0.8.x

Antares 0.8 brought Antares to Linux and continued with incremental system improvements. Releases in the 0.8 cycle include:

Antares 0.7.x

Antares 0.7 was the first release to be signed and sandboxed, and includes support for gamepads. Releases in the 0.7 cycle include:

Antares 0.6.x

Antares 0.6 had a variety of incremental improvements: better OpenGL support, two-button mouse support, and support for playing the game in a window. Releases in the 0.6 cycle include:

Antares 0.5.x

Antares 0.5 added support for plugins back to the game. Releases in the 0.5 series include:

  • 0.5.0, which had bugs detected before it was officially released
  • 0.5.1 (mac, source), the initial release

Antares 0.4.x

Antares 0.4 replaced the original software graphics engine with an OpenGL-based engine. Releases in the 0.4 series include:

Antares 0.3.x

Antares 0.3 added sound support back to the game. Releases in the 0.3 series include: