Like Ares, Antares supports plugins. Unlike Ares, there is no need to use a special editor (Hera), though you might want to (if one existed).

1   Basics

An Antares plugin is a zip file with the extension “.antaresplugin”. That zip file contains an top-level file called with general information about the plugin, plus directories with several types of resources, including levels, objects, and sprites

The Antares factory scenario is the Ares campaign scenario that comes with Antares. A plugin’s resources supersede the factory scenario’s resources whenever a resource exists with the same name. Plugins may also refer to the factory scenario’s resources if the plugin doesn’t have a resource with the same name.

Most of the data files within a plugin archive are short text files in procyon format.

2   Resources

A plugin may contain resources in the following locations:

Directory Needed Format yes procyon
levels/… yes procyon
objects/… probably procyon
races/… maybe procyon
sprites/… maybe procyon + PNG
pictures/… maybe PNG
sounds/… maybe AIFF
music/… no S3M, XM
fonts/… no procyon + PNG
interfaces/… no procyon
replays/… no procyon

There are also some important types that are used within other resources, but never on their own:

Type Used by
briefing levels
condition levels
initial levels
action objects and conditions

3   Tutorials


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